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Sunday Service Order
  • A musical introit
  • Call to worship
  • Congregational hymn
  • Opening prayer
  • Prayers of confession
  • “God Moment” - a time for testimony
  • Scripture
  • Message for children
  • Reflection
  • Congregational hymn
  • Prayers of the people
  • Offertory
  • Closing hymn and benediction
  • Refreshments and fellowship!


Sunday services begin at 10am with a musical prelude and time for church announcements.

Can't be physically present? Join us online!


“ we’re the church with the pillars”

You can find us at 77 Main Street in the heart of downtown Springfield - we’re “the church with the pillars”

There’s parking on the street and a small lot to the side of the church.

There’s a side entrance in addition to the main entrance out front.

Our sanctuary is upstairs, and there’s a lift for accessibility.

There are restrooms upstairs and down - greeters can direct you.


And other common questions
(where to park, what if I’m late, etc)

Q: How should I dress?
A: Come as you are - dress comfortably! Being together in community for worship is the most important point.
Q: I’m new at this - how do I follow along?
A: An “Order of Worship” sheet is available at the entrance. In it you’ll find the prayers, the list of hymns, and other pertinent information for the service.
Q: What’s your music like? What if I’ve never sung hymns before?
A: We have a guitar player and organ/piano player leading the music, alternating Sundays. They lead the hymns, and there are hymnals in the pews. No need to be a music-reader; following along until you’re comfortable is fine.
Q: Are children welcome at the service?
A: Absolutely! We love having children with us. We make time in the service for a children’s message (children of all ages, as we like to say), and during the school year there’s a Sunday School program following the children’s message.
Q: Help! I don’t know anything about the Bible! Will I understand what’s being read?
A: Our bibles in the pews are in a modern-day English translation (New Revised Standard Version), and we learn together as we read scripture. Few of us are biblical scholars! There are usually two scripture readings in the service, plus we draw some of our prayers directly from scripture. Many folks like to read along in the bibles provided. We also have bible study groups via Zoom for folks who wish to learn more. We read and discuss together.

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