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Saturday, June 15th-Alumni Day Parade at 10:30 am. Join us on the lawn and porch!
Saturday, July 13th-Sprinfield Street Fest. Check out our strawberry shortcake booth!

Green on Main has reached our goal of raising $20,000 for a matching grant of 2:1 from Better Places, a Vermont funding source through the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development. The grant will fund the construction of a welcoming place beside our church on Main Street. More donations are welcome to bridge the gap of about $6,000, between the grant and the estimated cost of the construction. The last phase will be the additions of benches, a table with seating, including a place for a wheelchair. A mid sized tree for shade will complete the plan.

Welcome to our church calendar. We invite you to check out what is happening in the coming weeks, when community meetings are scheduled and information about special events.